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Sony BDPBX39 Review

Sony BDPBX39 ReviewThe Sony BDPBX39 is currently one of the most popular Blu-ray players on the market. But why is this case? Is it thanks to its low price, brand name, range of features, picture quality, or a combination of all four? Well, take a look at our review to get to the bottom of it.

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Sony BDPBX39 Review

Picture Quality

The quality of the picture tends to be the most important aspect of any Blu-ray player. The player can have a range of useful, intuitive features but if the picture quality is a letdown then there’s not exactly much point buying it.

Of course, being a Blu-ray player Full HD 1080p playback is supported, but all 1080p is not created quality. And while the picture quality of the Sony BDPBX39 isn’t flawless it’s certainly excellent, and the quality of the picture can rival Blu-ray players which cost $100-200 more.

The picture quality of the Sony BDPBX39 when playing back DVDs is also excellent, and will likely be an improvement over the DVD player you already have in your home thanks to the upscaling feature. Therefore, the picture seems sharper and the color more vibrant.

Built-in WiFi

It’s always nice to see a Blu-ray player coming with built-in WifFi, as it leaves you with more entertainment options at your disposal.

Thanks to the WiFi, you can connect to Sony’s Entertainment Network which gives you the opportunity to stream media content from a variety of sources, such as from Hulu Plus, Pandora, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and more.

While the picture quality clearly doesn’t compare to watching a Blu-ray disc, on the whole, it’s very good and you’re unlikely to be disappointed with the picture, especially as more and more sites are starting to support 1080p playback, such as Netflix.

You can also wirelessly stream any photos, music or videos found on your laptop or PC or any other compatible Android device, which is a pretty cool feature, as it saves you from having to copy the files to a USB device and then plugging it into the Sony BDPBX39.

Quick Start/Quick Load

Sony state that this model features a Quick Start/Quick Load feature which is able to load movies within seconds. However, this seems like a bit of an overstatement, as you’ll have to wait around 6-8 seconds for a movie to load.

Remote/Sony Media Remote App

The remote isn’t perfect, particularly when trying to set up online accounts on media streaming sites, as you’ll have to use the number pad to type – although this seems to be standard for remotes these days. Apart from this minor issue, everything on the remote is well laid out and it’s fairly simple to use.

However, the Sony Media Remote App will likely be a popular choice for many people to use as their main remote, as you can use a full QWERTY keyboard and also have search capabilities at your disposal. To access this feature, all you have to do is download the app onto your iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or any Sony Tablet.


2.9 x 14.2 x 10.8 inches

3.8 pounds

Consumer Ratings

With over 200 reviews online and with an average rating of 4.0 out of 5, it’s clear that the BDPBX39 is well liked by consumers, with many praising the ease of setup, the ability to stream media content from a variety of sources as well as the picture quality. However, a few users have also stated that the remote could be improved upon.

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Average Rating: 4.0

Pros & Cons


  • Picture quality
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Sony’s Entertainment Network
  • DLNA Streaming
  • Stylish


  • Remote can be hard to use
  • Quick Start/Quick Load not that quick


The price of the Sony BDPBX39 varies depending on where you buy it from, but the cheapest we’ve seen it selling for is on Amazon.

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